Equation Solver

The Equation Solver

Service for Equation Solver online will help you to solve any equation. By using our website, you will not simply answer the equation, but also see the detailed solution, i.e. step-by-step instructions on how to display the result of the process. Our service will be useful to students of secondary schools and their parents. What is the equation? Students can prepare for control, exams, test your knowledge, and parents-monitor solution of mathematical equations. Ability to solve equations is a mandatory requirement for students. Service will help you enhance and self-learning knowledge in the field of mathematical equations. With its help you can solve any equation: square, cubic, irrational, trigonometric, etc. Use of the online service is priceless, because in addition to the correct answer you get detailed solution of each equation.

The benefits of Equation Solver online

Solve any equation online at our website, you can absolutely free. Service is fully automatic, you don’t have to install anything on your computer, it will be enough just to enter the data and the program will display a solution. Any errors in calculation or typographical errors are excluded. With us to solve any equation online is very simple, so be sure to use our site to solve any kinds of equations. You only need to enter data and calculation will be executed in a matter of seconds. The program works on their own, without human participation, and you get the exact and detailed response.

The solution to the equation in general form

In this equation the coefficients and variables search roots linked. The elder degree variable determines how such equations. Accordingly, for the equation used different methods and theorems for solutions. The solution of the equations of this type means finding the desired roots in general terms. Our service allows to solve even the most complex algebraic equation line. You can get as a general solution to the equation, and private for your numerical values of coefficients. To solve algebraic equations on the site quite correctly fill in just two fields: left and right parts of the specified equation. From algebraic equations with variable coefficients infinite number of solutions, and setting certain conditions from a variety of solutions to selected private.

Quadratic equation
Quadratic equation has the form ax ^ 2 + bx + c = 0 when a > 0. The solution of the equations of quadratic type involves finding values of x, in which equality occurs ax ^ 2 + bx + c = 0. For this is the value of the discriminant formula D = b ^ 2-4ac. If there is less than zero, then the equation solver has no real roots (the roots are from the field of complex numbers), if is zero, then the equation one real root, and if the discriminant is greater than zero, then the equation has two real roots. To solve a quadratic equation online you simply enter this equation coefficients (integers, fractions or decimal values). If there are signs of subtraction in the equation, you must put a minus before the relevant members of the equation. Solve quadratic equation online and, depending on the option, that is, the variables in the equation.

Linear equations
For the solution of linear equations (or system of equations) in practice, there are four primary methods. Describe each method in detail.

The substitution method
The solution of equation substitution method requires express one variable through the rest. After this expression is substituted into the other equation system. Hence the name of the solution, that is, instead of the variable is substituted its expression through other variables. In practice, the method requires complex calculations though and easy to understand, so the solution of such equation solver online help save time and facilitate calculations. You only need to specify the number of unknowns in the equation and populate data from linear equations, then the service will make the calculation.

Gauss Method
The simplest method is based on the conversion of the system to come to a system equivalent to a triangular appearance. From it alternately determined by unknown. In practice, you want to solve this equation online with detailed description, allowing you to learn the good Gauss method for solving systems of linear equations. Write in the correct format system of linear equations and note the number of unknowns, to accurately perform the solution of the system.

Kramer Method
Systems of equation are solved by this method in cases where the system has a unique solution. The main mathematical effect here is the calculation of matrix determinants. The equation solver by the method of Kramer takes place online, you get the result instantly with complete and detailed descriptions. It is enough just to fill the system and select the number of coefficients of the unknown variables.

Matrix method
This method is in the collection of the unknown coefficients by the matrix a, unknown-in column x and free members in column b. so the system of linear equation solver is reduced to a matrix equation type. This equation have the only solution only if the determinant of a matrix a is nonzero, otherwise the system has no solutions, or an infinite number of solutions. Decision matrix equation method involves finding the inverse matrix a.