Equation Solver Calculator

Math equation model may contain one or more non-differential equations. For example, algebraic (x 2 + 3 x +2 = 0), transcendental (x-cos (x) = 0), etc. Such equations requires special implicit solvers. Explicit Solver is able to find the next point, only if it is defined on several previous values and increments. Equation Solver given the same explicit Solver may not (no derivative). Numerical solution of equations of data involves the use of a multi-step (iterative) methods of selection. At each step, if the new value of the increment “x” coordinates (relative to the previous value), the proximity to the estimated balance of the left and right side of the equation. Those, in fact, implicit Solver, appreciating the value of approaching balance already solves the differential equation by replacing them with the original.
So, modeling program called implicit equations not containing derivatives. Their decision is possible using special implicit Solver. In the program you want to use VisSim blocks nulevojBalans and unknown, which are input and output implicit Solver.

Perform an implicit conversion equation, resulting in its right part is equal to zero.
Install on your field blocks unknown.
Using the output of the block unknown, make a flowchart on the left side of the equation.
The result of the transformation of the left part of the plug to the entrance of the block.
Apply for block unknown an arbitrary initial value.
Run the simulation. Will be found first the root (if it exists). If integrating the flowchart elements are missing, while the simulation and can be any size and step. If the qualitative analysis of the equation shows that the equation has one root, changing the starting value, repeat the simulation until it finds all the roots.
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A wide range of important practical and theoretical points of view tasks described continuous mathematical functions can often be resolved only with the help of computing devices that have simultaneously very contradictory properties. Especially challenging requirements for computing devices, which should be used to construct embedded control systems for high-speed dynamic objects and fast flowing continuous processes, as well as computing devices for accurate simulation of complex dynamic systems with variable parameters in real time. For the purposes of control and simulation of highest value are usually precision (4-5 decimal places), performance and hardware costs.

In addition, management systems and models, working with real equipment or interacting with a real foreign Wednesday, addressing challenges in natural time scale or even accelerated scale if necessary, predicting the behaviour of those or other objects.
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