How to solve equations

Surely you’ve encountered in everyday life with such a situation, that you needed to solve the simple equation or perform some other mathematical operations to perform financial calculations, for example, when calculating profitability contribution to bank or how suitable mortgage loan under the conditions and at hand at that time was not an ordinary electronic calculator or special software? In this case, your indispensable becomes the convenient and use online equation solver.

The solving of equations something without which it is impossible to do in physics, mathematics and chemistry. As a minimum. Learn the basics of their decision.
How to solve equations
1.In the most common and simple classification of equations can be divided by the number of variables contained in them, and by degrees, in which these variables.

Solve an equation means to find all its roots or to prove that there are none.

Any equations has no more P roots, where P is the maximum degree of the equation.
But some of these roots may be the same. For example, the equation x ^ 2 +2 * x +1 = 0, where ^ exponentiation icon, rolled into a square (x +1), i.e. the product of two identical brackets, each of which gives x = -1 as a solution.

2. If the equation has only one unknown, this means that you will explicitly find his roots (real or complex).

To do this, most likely will need different transformations: formula multiplication calculation formula discriminant and the roots of the quadratic equation, transferring parts from one part to another, casting to a common denominator, multiplying both sides by the same expression, squaring, etc.
Transformation, not affecting the roots of equations are called identical. They are used to simplify the process of equation solver.
You can also use graphics instead of the analytical method and write this equation as a function, having then her study.

3. If more than one unknown in the equation, then you can only express one of them through the other, thus showing a set of solutions.

These are, for example, the equation with parameters that contain an unknown x and parameter a. Solve parametric equation means for all and Express x through a, that is, to consider all possible cases.
If the equation solver cost derivatives or differentials unknown (see picture), congratulations, this differential equation, and then you can not do without higher mathematics).